Body - Ivory
Body - Ivory
Body - Ivory
Body - Ivory
Body - Ivory
Body - Ivory
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Body - Ivory

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Our Body Collection celebrates women in all their forms. These beautiful torso candles are available in a selection of colours and scents.

We at Main Bay Studio focus on inclusivity of all body types – understanding that bodies can be atypical!

Nude Colour Collection

Working with soy wax means we cannot always get exact skin tone matches, however, we work to the best of our abilities to keep imperfections that could represent stretch marks, cellulite, and other beauty marks.

Artisan's Note

Main Bay Studio hand pours all candles in our Sydney-based studio. We use all sustainable materials, from our soy wax to our fragrances and dyes, and purchase from local suppliers. Our commitment to creating beautiful experiences with sustainability at the forefront of our mission may mean some candles can have slight colour/design variations. That’s just how artisanal, handmade pieces work. Thank you for purchasing from our store, and committing to a long-term future for our planet.


Height 10cm

Width 6cm

Weight 125g

*Other colours available

Fresh Scents

Dawn Chorus
Dawn chorus invokes a beautiful Australian morning in the Kimberley with notes of sweet floral, fresh green grass, lemon, pine, eucalyptus, and sensual florals to wake you up.

Top Notes: Lemon, Pine Needle

Middle Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle

Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

Occasions to burn: While doing Yoga on your deck, meditating under a coolabah tree, or to distract the 5G conspiracy theorists as you sneak out of the essential oils party/orgy.


A masculine blend of fresh fruity notes of red apples, sweetened with Honeycrisp meets a heart of spiced pear and tobacco flower. The base of smoked oak, cedar, and sandalwood deliver woody nuances is infused with clove, cedar, elemi, nutmeg and cinnamon leaf essential oils.

Top Notes: Red Apple, Honeycrisp, Crushed Clove, Nutmeg

Middle Notes: Tobacco Flower, Suede, Spiced Pear, Amber

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Smoked Oak, Sandalwood

Summer scents


With notes of strawberry, champagne rose and raspberry, Fireworrk is a scent for celebration.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Leaf Green

Middle Notes: Champagne, Red Rose, Strawberry

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Hyacinth

Occasions to burn: New years eve, baby showers, after your break-up with your d***head ex-boyfriend, or on the Margarita Monday party on your balcony.


Fortuna is a relaxing, fluffy candle with notes of lychee and peony. Close your eyes and let your mind relax.

Top Notes: Raspberry, lychee fruit

Middle Notes: Peony petals, peach nectar

Base Notes: Jasmine, leaf green, rosewood

Occasions to burn: Before a job interview, before screaming ‘I QUIT’ and leaving your current job, mid-meeting particularly if the meeting is about a project you’re leading when leaving your colleagues ‘WTF?!’ messages on read - Basically, when you’re moving onto bigger and better things, baby.

Winter Scents


With top notes of leafy greens, black sea salt accord, and lotus flower. Noir is a boutique scent handcrafted to whisk you away to a hotel, beach getaway, or sea change.
Top Notes: Leafy Green, Black Sea Salt Accord, Lotus Flower

Middle Notes: Watery Seaweed, Aloe Flower, Blue Chamomile

Base Notes: Driftwood, Black Pepper, White Musk
Occasions to burn: When your judgmental great aunt shows up unannounced forcing you to vacuum and get out the only matching plates you own.


Summer nights are for heat. Soiree is the candle you burn when your family is away. With notes of sweet buttery vanilla intertwined with intoxicating bourbon laced throughout the house, Soirée is the scent for everyone who is up past 2 am on Christmas Eve.

Top Notes: Pineapple, Orange

Middle Notes: Amber, Malt

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Occasions to burn: While psyching yourself up for Max from IT’s advances before the office Christmas party if you’re hanging out with rich old people who have ties to the mafia, or in the midst of your own Christmas soiree.

Cinna Musk

With notes of spiced cinnamon and autumnal evenings, Christmas Eve is a candle for the whole family.

Top Notes: Orange, Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Clove Leaf, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Vanilla, Malt and Musk

Rich notes of cinnamon and a medley of spices including clove and star anise, warm notes of tonka bean to soften the impact. 

Occasions to burn: Baking a pie, collecting kindling for the fireplace, wrapping the presents, and placing them under the tree.


Top notes of cedarwood & patchouli paired with vintage leather which is infused with amber and geranium make a woody and earthy fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Fir Needle

Middle Notes: Leather, Geranium

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli


If you plan to burn your La Femme candle, you MUST burn it on a heatproof deep dish to avoid wax spillage. Keep away from UV lights and direct sunlight. Keep away from heat sources. Colours may change over time due to the scents used and their environment.


Soy wax, fragrance, colour and waxed cotton wick

Customer Reviews

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Heather Macleod

I bought two of the la femme candles one for me and one for my sister and we love them so much. They smell divine and look gorgeous! Thank you Jocelyn!