About Us

Sustainable candles hand-poured in Sydney

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, light a candle and tuck yourself in with a good book, or soak in the tub. Main Bay is all about relaxation, slowing down and enjoying the delicacies of life.

Main Bay is a one woman show, founder Jocelyn hand-pours every candle in Sydney using locally sourced ingredients and aims to be sustainable in every way possible.

Each collection is hand-poured with natural soy wax and infused with carefully curated premium fragrances, currently Main Bay offer eight permanent premium candles, room sprays and diffuser scents, and release various seasonal limited edition collections through out the year.

The brand has sustainability at the fore-front of everything, from using recyclable/compostable/bio-degradable packaging, offering candle jar refills, reducing waste by selling 'less than perfect' candles that didn't turn out perfectly with a heavy discount, to donating to social, environmental or community projects. Main Bay isn't perfect but tries to do the best thing environmentally where possible. 

All the premium fragrances used are made in Sydney, and everything else Main Bay uses is purchased domestically! Buying locally reduces carbon emissions (as the brand is not reliant on overseas freight), and goes towards supporting Australian business.

Founder Jocelyn started the business whilst in recovery from a spinal injury.

She was desperate to find a hobby she was able to do during her recovery period, the usual bicycling and hiking where out of the question. After seeing a few DIY's online Jocelyn decided to melt down a candle she already owned that wasn't burning very well and divided it into multiple tea cups, however she had no wick and used a toothpick instead.

"I never lit the tooth pick candle though, it was more for an experiment. I don't think it would have burnt very well..", she adds.

This sparked her interest, and she obsessively began researching as much as she could about candle making. She purchased 5kg of soy wax, packets of votives (small candle jars), some scent samples, wicks, a pouring jug and began testing. Soon after her apartment in Balmain was full of what seemed like 100's of 60g candles, all labelled "tester" and with various formulations. She started gifting these to friends during Diwali who provided feedback willingly, and requested refills of their favourite scents.

One thing led to another and she thought, "I can sell these".. so she did. It's unclear exactly when her hobby officially evolved into a business but it was the natural path for this entrepreneur. It's not the first business she's been involved in, having established a student services company in Melbourne over two years in 2017 which she exited in 2019.

Candles are a calming space for Jocelyn, she feels relaxed and happy when she is in the 'lab' designing new collections, pouring wax and expanding product lines. It's something she hadn't felt since her injury.